Before The Spill

Every day 23 million gallons of oil are pumped under the largest freshwater system on the planet, putting over 450 miles of shoreline and 100,000 acres of water at risk. Before the Spill is a film about Line 5, its risks, and the best path forward.

The Crossing

On May 28th, 2018, three kayakers left Havana, attempting to kayak across the Straits of Florida, in solidarity with refugees. After 27 hours of nonstop paddling, they landed in Key West. Kayak Libre is a film about kayakers using their sport to connect, pay homage to the tragic history of the crossing, and advocate for continued open borders.


After President Trump’s decision to eliminate the most federally protected land in American history, we wanted to see Bears Ears before the land officially opened to extractive industries. Messengers is a film about a 250-mile running relay across southeastern Utah.

Walls of Mollo

After the indigenous people prevented marble miners from destroying their sacred limestone mountains they began searching for way to protect them forever. Walls of Mollo is about our visit in 2017 to learn about the community and assess the potential for a new climbing crag.

Running The Oregon Trail

A group of friends from across the country comes together to run the last leg of the Oregon Trail, which sprawls 500 miles across the state of Oregon. The short is an ode to running and proves that sometimes the best way to see a landscape is on foot.

3,300 Miles To Go

The unexpected can't exactly be planned for, but when you decide to bike from San Francisco to Alaska with your best friends in just eight days, you can bet that not everything will go according to plan. 3,300 Miles To Go is a film about our ride, the friendships built, and the misadventures along the way.